Close Reading Information for Teachers
  •     Close Reading for Main Idea Using Important Details - 5th Grade Video

    This 5th grade teacher is teaching indigenous people of New York using a close reading model.  He wanted to work on the connection of important details to the main idea of a text. 

  • How to Create a Close Reading Lesson

    This link takes you through the purpose of each reading during a close reading of a complex text.  Possible question stems are provided for each reading of the text.  

  • Using Close Reading During a Read Aloud - Video

    This teacher demonstrates the Close Reading strategy when reading aloud a non-fiction text to her class of 5th graders. 

  • Close Reading Lesson - Video

    This video is a little shaky, but I like the questions the teacher asks to lead her students back to the text to support their ideas. 

  • Close Reading Lesson - 3rd Grade 5 Day Lesson Plan for The Fisherman and His Wife


    This link will take you to a five day lesson plan for teaching close reading (with an opinion writing prompt) for the story The Fisherman and His Wife.  This story is considered an exemplar for the CCSS.


  • Close Reading Lesson Plan for 4th and 5th Grade

    This link will take you to a Close Reading lesson plan for the poem "The Fog", by Carl Sandburg.  It guides you and your students through multiple readings of this exemplar text.  I have also attached a link of a reading coach teaching the first part of this lesson to a group of students.

  • Close Reading of "The Fog" - 4th and 5th grade - Video

    This video shows a reading coach using the Close Reading strategy with Carl Sandburg's poem, "The Fog".