Schwartz, Nathan

Welcome aboard Leaders!!

Nathan Schwartz


I am a graduate of Western Michigan University with a major in Elementary Education and minors in Language Arts and Social Studies. This is my fourth year teaching, but this is my second year teaching 5th grade at Eastwood Elementary I am also a graduate of Sturgis High School.

My journey through education has led me full circle.  I attended Eastwood and this is where I decided that I wanted to be an educator.  I currently live in Sturgis and enjoy spending time with my friends and family.  In my free time, I enjoy golfing, exercising, and playing slow pitch softball.  I encourage others to be active as well, and created a running program for 3-6 grade boys, that was similar to the Girls on the Run program.  I believe that every student can and will learn and I can guarantee that I will help each child achieve their goals to the best of my ability.

I believe communication between home and school is a crucial part of your education.  If you, your parents, and I all work together you will be successful here at Eastwood School.  Please do not hesitate to call me if you ever have any questions or concerns.   I’m looking forward to working with you and your parents.  We are going to have a fun and exciting year!


Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them — a desire, a dream, a vision. --Muhammad Ali