Mission Statement/ Motto/ Positive Behavior
We are committed to providing the best education possible by meeting the individual needs of every student.  Through the cooperative effort of students, parents, staff and community, we will provide a curriculum that prepares students for the ever changing demands of society.
Eastwood Belief Statements
1. We will address essential needs of students, as these needs must be met for optimal learning.
2. We believe learning is a shared responsibility between students, parents, school, and the community.
3. We believe expectations should be challenging but attainable.
4. We believe all students can learn.
5. We value and celebrate children regardless of their diversity.
6. We believe citizenship is a shared responsibility between students, parents, school, and community.
7. Data monitoring and analysis is essential to drive instruction.
Eastwood Motto
Be The Best You Can Be!

Positive Behavior Expectations

Eastwood School is always working to build positive relationships between teachers and students.   A system is in place whereby students are rewarded when they show respect, responsibility, and how to be safe.  This system will help students focus on good behavior and improve their reading skills.   The following behavior matrix illustrates expected behaviors at Eastwood School.

Behavior Expectations Matrix