EAC (Parent Group)
Check us out on Facebook at Eastwood Elementary
EAC Officers for 2016-2017:

President: Sally Happel (269)625-1756

Vice President:  Kelly Massey

Secretary:  Kari Hoyt (810)931-0116 or email kmhoytod@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Jesslyn Troyer (269)625-5664 or jesstroyer@hotmail.com

Trustee:  Mindy Cardiel

Trustee:  Amanda Stiles 

Trustee:  Marilyn Foley

Trustee:  Stacey Richardson 

EAC Meeting Dates-located in the Media Center at 6:30pm, on 2nd Tuesday

We hope to see as many parents, as possible. We would love your input! 
If you are interested in helping, please contact one of the EAC officers or the school office.